Priests’ Retirement Foundation News | November 2019

Earlier this year our team and I met with Fr John Langtry, one of our retired priests. In this conversation, I was so moved by how much of an impact Fr John has made over his 58 years of priesthood, and also how much of an impact your support has made for him and other priests like him.

He reminded us that there’s “something between 70 and 80 priests retired in the Archdiocese. Most of them do not have the means to support their retirement. And so the Priests Retirement Foundation has made it so much easier for the retired priests.”

As of late, Fr John has had several operations and hospital visits, all of which were covered by your support through the Priests Retirement Foundation.

We were able to cover other expenses all year round, from the accommodation, car plans, housekeeping, health insurance, technology and living costs. Much of this is made possible, thanks to you. For every dollar you have donated, the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney has matched, twice – making your gift threefold.

In gratitude, Fr John has asked us to share the following message:

“To the parishioners of Sydney that can be generous to the Priests Retirement Foundation, all I can say is thank you and may the blessings of the Lord be with you for your kindness and generosity.”

In this newsletter, you will find an interview with Fr John, but you will also find testimonies from Tony Farley and Mary Budwee, two of his former Parishioners. I’d like to echo their advise and assist with making that happen.

Tony said “if there’s a priest in your life that has been important to you and you can contact or visit them, I think you should do it. You’ll be amazed by how welcomed you will be and how important this is for our Priests.”

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