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St Mary’s Cathedral is a beacon of hope, a spiritual home, and a source of life and inspiration for Catholics in Australia. 

Like our faith, the continued existence of our beautiful Cathedral is made possible by generous people supporting the church and our ministry.

In 2023 we have embarked on a major restoration of the beautiful amber windows, which are at risk of collapse from over a century of pollution, weather damage and deterioration.


Your support to the St Mary's Cathedral National Trust will ensure that our Cathedral remains standing for years to come. 


St Mary's Cathedral Conservation

Watch the video below and support the Conservation Program of Australian Catholics' Mother Church, St Mary's Cathedral.

Window Restoration

Support is needed to restore the 39 historic amber windows that bathe the interior of St Mary's Cathedral with glorious light.

These century old windows may collapse unless we take prompt action. Years of pollution, rain and sun damage, grime and breakage has taken its toll.

Each individual window will be carefully removed using scaffolding both inside and outside the Cathedral.  The window will then be transported to an expert in the Southern Highlands.  Once restored the window will be transported back to St Mary’s and carefully reinstalled.

In total the project needs to replace 39 windows. Each windows costs $71,794 or about $3,778 for each panel part thereof.

Protect the birthplace of our faith and an icon of our city.

Donate or sponsor a Window at St Mary's Cathedral. 


Completed Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross are a striking reminder of the passion and death of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice to redeem the world.

In 2020 and 2021 there was a significant effort to bring these stations back to life. It was a laborious process, but through your support the conservation team, based in Alexandria, carefully and masterfully restored these Stations of the Cross. From deploying scissor lifts to bring down the stations, to inspecting, re-painting and repairing damage, there is significant work involved. 

All fourteen Stations were successfully sponsored. We thank you sincerely for your generosity in restoring these Stations and preserving these spiritual masterpieces.

Your support towards for other projects is gratefully received


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For 2,000 years the Catholic Church has worked to spread the faith, live charitably and care for our elders. Catholics continue this work in Sydney today.

Donate today to help restore and preserve the heart of our Catholic Faith in Sydney!

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Alternatively, you can donate via:

St Mary’s Cathedral conservation appeal National Trust of Australia NSW ABN 82 491 958 802


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