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Our Catholic faith, and our works, has shaped our history for 2,000 years and continues to do so today, both in Sydney and beyond.

PRF Appeal

Priests' Retirement Foundation Appeal

For 2000 years the Catholic Church has worked to spread the faith, live charitably, and care for our elders. We continue this work to support our 75 retired priests.

Archbishop - SCBN 2020

What have the Roman Catholics ever done for us?

Are we living in a Godless country? Though there are strong forces that would tell us the age of religion is past, Archbishop Anthony Fisher is not so sure...


For 2,000 years the Catholic Church has worked to spread the faith, live in hope, and act in charity. Catholics continue this work in Sydney today.

Charitable Works Fund

Supporting our ministries of service and evangelisation.

Priests' Retirement Foundation

Caring for our retired priests who have cared so much for us.

St Mary's Cathedral

Restoring and preserving the heart of our Catholic Faith in Sydney.

Palestrina Foundation

Performing and preserving the Church’s treasury of sacred music, in Australia’s largest church.


The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney invites you to download the Our Faith Our Works App. This is your one-stop location for Mass and Confession times, spiritual reflections and meditations, podcasts, local Catholic news, the Go Make Disciples mission plan, and much more!



For 2000 years, Catholics have cared for the elderly, and continues this ministry today with our retired Priests. To learn more about the Priests' Retirement Foundation, please click the button below.


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Meet Fr Terence Bell

“Christ gives the dignity of a royal priesthood to the people He has made His own…” Retirement means many things to different people, but for our priests, that rarely means quiet days whiled away in an armchair or on the porch. Fr Terence Bell is one such example of a ...

Twelve Hundred Prayers

  Last year we received an abundant outpouring of prayer requests, which were directed to our retired priests. Among these prayer request were nearly 1,200 prayer requests for the souls of deceased loved ones, as well as countless other requests for friends, family, vocations, healing, the Church and community at ...

Welcoming Thomas to the team

Greetings! My name is Thomas Ng and I’m the Gifts in Wills Manager of the Development and Fundraising Office in the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney. I have just recently joined the team at the end of 2021 and am really excited to be part of this amazing team serving you ...

Joanne’s Catechist Calling

Being a Catechist is both a calling and privilege. Sharing the love of almighty God to school students is what Catechists do weekly in Public Schools, and it is something everyone should be able to experience. Through your support, you can help Catechists like Joanne.    Joanne’s Story “In 1980, ...

Welcoming Bishop Danny Meagher

  Bishop-elect Daniel Meagher, the former Rector of the Seminary of the Good Shepherd, was appointed as the Archdiocese of Sydney’s new Auxiliary Bishop on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 2021.  His appointment in December was an evening overlaid with layers of joy. Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP welcomed Bishop ...

Cathedral Christmas Celebrations

  In the weeks preceding Christmas, the Cathedral Choir was joined by the Sydney Youth Orchestra as they performed beloved Christmas classics at the annual Cathedral Christmas Celebration. While audiences enjoy listening to readings, polyphonic arrangements and the orchestra, there is nothing greater than lending your own voice in singing ...


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