For 2,000 years, Catholics have made heroic sacrifices as a means of Christian witness.

As seen in the New Testament, Christians gave all they had to further proclaim the Gospel and advance Christ’s mission.

Today, faithful Catholics from around the world continue to give. A bequest to the Catholic Church in Sydney is one way to continue building this ancient tradition of giving to share our faith and our works with the community.

bequest is a gift of part of your estate made in your Will. Your estate is the total of all your assets and possessions when you pass away.

By making a bequest, you will provide support for many ministries provided by the Church. Your generosity will make a difference in the lives of many individuals.

Where Can you leave a legacy gift?

Charitable Works Fund

Supporting our ministries of service and evangelisation.

Priests' Retirement Foundation

Caring for our retired priests who have cared so much for us.

St Mary's Cathedral

Restoring and preserving the heart of our Catholic Faith in Sydney.

Palestrina Foundation

Performing and preserving the Church’s treasury of sacred music, in Australia’s largest church.

Types of Bequests

There are four main types of bequests a donor can leave in their will.


This is the remainder of the donor’s estate after first leaving gifts to their loved ones. A residual bequest will stay consistent with inflation.

 Percentage or Fractional

This is a gift expressed as a percentage or fraction of the donor’s estate. Again, these gifts aren’t influenced by inflation. Donors can leave a percentage of either the residue of their estate or a percentage of the entire estate.

Pecuniary or Specific

This is a specified gift which can include money, property or stocks and shares.

Whole Estate

This comprises the donor’s entire estate and is usually left by those without family or other preferred beneficiaries, or by those wanting to achieve something very significant with their gift.

A bequest may be given 'freely', meaning that the recipient organisation can make arrangements as it sees fit within the aims of the organisation, or it may be given with conditions, which must be honoured.


Wording for your Will

If you would like to assist the Church to continue its charitable works, we recommend the following standard clause:

I give to the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney from time to time the sum of $______________   for the purpose of (select from of the following):

  • The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney (ABN: 72 823 907 843) 
  • The Priests’ Retirement Foundation (ABN: 88 279 335 346)
  • The Charitable Works Fund (ABN: 60 471 267 587)   
  • St Mary’s Cathedral (ABN: 13 120 232 163)
  • My local parish (please specify)

If you wish to leave the whole or part of your estate, then this clause will have to be adapted accordingly in consultation with your solicitor.

Cardinal Gilroy Society

The Cardinal Gilroy Society was established in 2009 to honour and thank those people with the foresight to pledge a bequest for the ongoing ministries of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney.

Supporters who advise that they have left a bequest in their Will to one of the Sydney Archdiocese’s good works including the Charitable Works Fund, the Priests’ Retirement Foundation, St Mary’s Cathedral Conservation Appeal or one of its parishes or agencies, are invited to become members of the Gilroy Society.


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