Priests' Retirement Foundation

The Priest’s Retirement Foundation of the Archdiocese of Sydney ensures all priests can receive the accommodation, health care and support they need in their retirement. On the day of his ordination, the young priest lays down in a symbolic gesture to show that he offers his whole life for the church. The Retirement Foundation is a way to show appreciation for this lifetime of service.

There are now over 75 retired priests in Sydney, many of whom worked long into their 70s, caring for the spiritual life and welfare of their people. 

Even in retirement most priests, while their health allows, will continue to serve the community, in particular, by the celebration of weekend masses in parishes and assisting as chaplains in aged care facilities.

The Archdiocese will give two dollars for every dollar contributed to the Priests’ Retirement Foundation.

Priests' Retirement Foundation Appeal 2020

For 2000 years, Catholics have cared for the elderly. Today this ministry continues with our retired Priests. Watch the video to find out more.


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Mons. Kerry Bayada

"Thank you to those that have given so generously. It is an inspiration to know that you appreciate what we are able to do, and see the wonder of God in our strengths."

PRF Fr John2

Fr John Langtry

"I don't know where I'd be of what I'd be doing without the Priests' Retirement Foundation. I couldn't imagine any other way that would be of such great assistance to retired priests. So I'm very grateful to it."

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Tony Farley

"Our priests are not paid a lot of money at all. If we can give back through the Priests' Retirement Foundation, we can very practically help our retired priests who have helped us so much throughout their ministry."

For 2,000 years the Catholic Church has worked to spread the faith, live charity and care for our elders. Catholics continue this work in Sydney today.


Donate today to care for our retried priests who have cared so much us!

Alternatively, you can also make a donation by phone at 1800 753 959.