St Mary's Cathedral Windows

There are 39 beautiful and majestic amber windows that require urgent repair and restoration.

These magnificent and historic windows are broken, fragile and damaged by years of pollution and weather impact.

Archbishop Fisher Cathedral

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP

Archdiocese of Sydney

“The beautiful windows of St Mary’s Cathedral help to connect us to God, and allows us to feel his presence in a way that we could not achieve by other means.”

Restoration Work

Each window, panel by panel, frame by frame, needs to be carefully dismantled, lowered to the ground, and then transferred to the restoration studio in the Southern Highland. Chief Restoration agent is Rick Allen of Heritage Glass, one of only two agents in Australia who specialise in nationally significant heritage buildings, will undertake the work.

For each window the entire process can take up to 8 weeks, weather permitting. For all 39 windows the entire project is expected to take five years, subject to sufficient funding.

Please donate to restore the beautiful and historical Cathedral windows. 

Thank you for your gift and wonderful generosity that makes a difference to St Mary's Cathedral.

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Pledge your family sponsorship for a full window. Your family name will be honoured in a commemorative plaque in the Cathedral.

For more information contact Richard Allcock, Relationships Manager,, or download the prospectus.