A Lenten Companion

Launch of “Receive the Grace to Go Make Disciples”: A Lenten Companion


Watch a short video below where Fr Noel Custodio explains the online Lenten group he is leading, drawing upon the Lenten resource, starting on Ash Wednesday next week.

Our new Lenten resource, “Receive the Grace to Go Make Disciples” will be available in parishes across the Archdiocese of Sydney this weekend. It is beautiful and uplifting. It will be treasured both by individuals who want to “make a good Lent” and by groups who like to gather (whether in person or now by Zoom) for Scripture, prayer and reflection.


It gives advice on Lenten practices of fasting, prayer, almsgiving, Stations of the Cross and examination of conscience. It offers people the Gospel reading of the Sunday and shows them how to read it meditatively.


There’s a Gospel reflection and some good questions to prompt private thought or group discussion. All in a very simple and attractive on-line or print publication. The Sydney Centre for Evangelisation is already kicking some goals! I thoroughly recommend this resource to the parishes and people of Sydney and beyond!


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