The Ephpheta Centre in Action

The Ephpheta Centre is back! After a hiatus over the duration of last year’s lockdowns, the Ephpheta Centre staff are back at work, and are open for one-on-one appointments, Mass, craft activities and Deaf Cafe at various locations.

2022 marks the 100 year anniversary of St Gabriel’s, a Catholic school catering for students with disabilities such as sensory impairment, intellectual disability, and autism. The School has a proud history of delivering special education and is built to allow students to achieve success through a focus on communication, literacy, numeracy and social skills.

The Ephpheta Centre will proudly be attending the St Gabriel’s Centenary Mass. There will be a special deaf St Gabriel’s celebration accompanying.

Alongside their already-busy schedule of social activities, faith formation and one-on-one engagement, the Ephpheta Centre has also started the Auslan Play Group: a social group for mums, dads, carers, and their children aged 0-5. Take a look at some of their mother’s day arts and crafts!


The Ephpheta Centre provides services to the deaf and hearing impaired people in the dioceses of Sydney, Broken Bay and Parramatta. The centre provides sacramental, counselling, support and advocacy services which is an important resource for this community.

It offers services such as the Sunday Mass in sign language, sacramental preparation for children and adults, pastoral care and community support, outreach to families with young deaf children, spiritual development and leadership.

Consider supporting the good works of the Ephpheta Centre today by donating to the Charitable Works Fund.

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