Financial Counselling, a lifeline for many

A terrible side effect to the COVID-19 crisis from the mandatory need for our community to enter into self-isolation is that many businesses have had to shut their doors, and many jobs have been lost. Through no fault of their own, great deals of people are now struggling financially to survive.

CCareline Counsellor, Charlotte, describes how she helped a caller find a solution to suit her needs.

“A caller came through to CCareline feeling helpless and overwhelmed, not sure where to turn for help, or even knowing what kind of help she needed.

“She is self-employed and unfortunately had to close her business due to COVID-19. As a result she is struggling to pay rent for her home and her business, struggling to pay bills and other credit commitments, and found herself down to her last $25 – now reaching out for help.

“I spent time discussing all her options. We discussed financial counselling, personal counselling, referrals for food assistance and financial relief, as well as useful helplines for emotional support when she feels stressed.

“She decided financial counselling was her most pressing concern. I was able to book her in to see a financial counsellor the very next day and she was very appreciative to receive my help to understand her options and make the first step.”

CatholicCare Financial Counselling Services will help this person assess her financial situation, assist negotiations with creditors and provide specialist emotional support to help her through such a stressful period in her life.

Counselling services are now being offered via phone and Zoom video conferencing, making them more accessible than ever through these times of need. CatholicCare Sydney provide a wide range of professional and specialist counselling services for issues around finances, relationships, marriage, addictions, parenting and much more.

If you feel stressed or anxious, or know someone who is, and would like to talk to a caring voice about the services that might be able to help, please call CCareline 13 18 19 Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm.



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