Meet Richard, our new Planned Giving Specialist

Hi there,

My name is Richard Allcock and I have recently joined the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney’s Development and Fundraising Office, as a Planned Giving and Major Gift Specialist. I am married with two children and in my spare time, I love cooking and, when time permits, I enjoy playing a game of squash too. I have extensive experience in fundraising and I’m delighted to join the Fundraising team at the Archdiocese.


Over the last seven and a half years I worked as a Fundraising Co-ordinator at Bible Society Australia. In my position, I was responsible for raising money to distribute Bibles in Australia and overseas.

I am a practising Catholic and have maintained my commitment to the Catholic faith throughout my life, keeping it at the centre of my core values and approach to everything I do in life. I maintain an active role in my local parish, being part of the Parish Council and Acolyting regularly at Sunday masses.

My personal attributes include being extremely loyal, honest and punctual, coupled with an open-minded attitude. I believe these are integral and important in maintaining relationships. I believe these are all values which the Archdiocese holds in very high regard.

I look forward to meeting the generous donors who make the various charitable works at the Archdiocese of Sydney possible. I feel it is important to share with you in Sydney the impact you have and can continue to have, by keeping you in the loop about how you can leave a lasting legacy on the works of the Catholic Church.

All the best,
Richard Allcock
Planned Giving and Major Gift Specialist

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