Mr. Ray Morris

How has the Catholic Faith Impacted your life?

Like many others, my Catholic faith was nurtured by my mother who was a very good practising Catholic. My father was not a Catholic at that time but he did become a convert through the good work that my mother did. The only thing with my father becoming a Catholic was that we lost our baked dinners on Sunday because while we were at Mass he would prepare a baked dinner. Both my parents were good Catholics because they recognised that the nurturing children received at school needed to be backed up by their parents at home through passing on their beliefs to their children. 


My mother in her elder age became a Catechist and I’d take her and help with her catechism work. The faith was well and truly planted and throughout my life, I made some very good contacts with some very good priests who became very good friends. We would have dinner occasionally so I could see the goodness of the faith. I believe that the Catholic Church has a lot to offer and if I can help to support the Church in any small way I definitely will.


What is it about the Cathedral that makes you want to give?

The Cathedral is the mainstay of the Catholic faith in Australia. It is where we grew up. It is where the roots of the Catholic faith were taken up by convicts and the ordinary man in the street who put a lot of effort into building churches, particularly the Cathedral. It is the history of our true faith. There are many people who have given very generously out of faith. Bless them. I think that’s why the Cathedral should be done up and maintained, but it is an ongoing process. All things worthwhile need effort. St Mary’s Cathedral is the epitome of our Faith. It’s the Buckingham Palace or St Paul’s or Westminster. Those buildings are maintained in reverence to the word of God. Our Cathedral in Sydney is the Cathedral of faith of this country. Its the start and the continuation of our faith in Australia and must be maintained. To have a little knowledge in maintaining historical items, it costs. Therefore, out of faith, I try to give what I can.


What would you say to someone who might be considering leaving a bequest, and why have you made that decision?

Well if none of us gives, then there’s no achievement for ourselves or the progression of faith. Small donations in multitude make up for a large donation. And therefore I believe that if there are a little more people that are a bit more passionate about their faith then that’s one or two nights at the club that can go by the board and they can put another $5 or $10 into something to help progress their faith. 


The faith has given me a lot and has helped me through some hard times, and it has also helped me with a lot of good friends and I love my Church. I believe in it. If you believe in something as compassionate as the Church, then that comes with giving as well. There are people that are passionate about football teams or other things. If they put just a little bit of that into the Church, the Church would be better off. Football is a time thing. The Church is here for as long as God is here and therefore we need to support it.

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