Our Faith, Our Works | February 2020

For 2,000 years, Catholics from all nations, and from all walks of life, have been a force for good in society. 

We have a compelling story, and although some do not realise, there is an abundance of good occurring within the Church today.

Since the Gospels, our faith has inspired Catholics to share the good news with everyone, has led us to love the poor, heal the sick, and has moved us to be world leaders in building charities, hospitals, schools, disability and aged-care facilities, and much more.

More importantly, these works continue in Sydney today.

Hence, it is with great delight that I announce the launch of our new website www.ourfaithourworks.org 

Not only will this site share our good news, but it will also invite the wider community to learn more about our faith and our works, in one central online location.

Currently, on our home page, we have talks by Greg Sheridan AO on “Christianity’s Contribution to Society”, the Hon. Dominic Perrottet MP on “Expressing Faith in the Public Square” and from His Grace, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP, on “The Godless Country” (Parts 1-3), which you are welcome to view at your leisure – please also share with your friends.

To further make the case of the Catholic Christian contribution to civilisation are three very well written articles under the top menu “Our Story” entitled:

Summaries of these three articles are enclosed in this newsletter for your convenience.

Lastly, those moved to give, are now able to help “build on 2,000 years” by providing a gift using our newly designed online donation pages – supporting our Charitable Works Fund, Priests’ Retirement Foundation and St Mary’s Cathedral National Trust.

By building on our ministry of 2,000 years, your support will help:

  • Educate and accommodate our seminarians – our future priests.
  • Assist vulnerable mothers facing homelessness
  • Rebuild broken families and provide counselling for those with addictions
  • Support people with disabilities and who are deaf
  • Care for our elderly and retired priests
  • Preserve our beautiful mother Church, St Mary’s Cathedral
  • And much more

Thank you again for your support, for further building our faith and our works in Sydney today, and for advancing our story to the wider community.


Sincerely yours,


Michael Mendieta
Director, Development and Fundraising Office
Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney

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