Our Faith, Our Works | September 2019

Catholics are certainly witnessing difficult times.

With the contentious debate surrounding abortion in New South Wales, and Religious Liberty in Australia being challenged, much prayer is needed to defend human life and human rights.

The news on Cardinal Pell has also been upsetting, with the Archbishop stating:

I know that there are many in the Catholic community and beyond who will find it difficult to come to terms with this judgment, especially those who know the Cardinal and will struggle to reconcile this outcome with the man they know. I thank them for persevering in faith, hope and love. As we wait to hear whether the legal process will continue, I will seek to provide pastoral support to those Catholics who may have found their faith tested.

And tested we are. Thankfully, as promised, Our Faith is built on firm ground and will always prevail (Matthew 16:18). So too will Our Works, which you make possible.

Christians have a great tradition of caring for vulnerable mothers, the marginalised, the elderly and disabled, and for proclaiming the faith in challenging times.

Speaking to this, we were fortunate to welcome Greg Sheridan, the Foreign Affairs Editor at The Australian, who presented on “Christianity’s Contribution to Society” to a small group of benefactors and bequestors.

Bishop Richard Umbers also presented on “The Works and Hope of the Church” and Dr Bernadette Tobin on “Christianity’s Contribution to Healthcare in Australia” to a similar group. I hope you enjoy the summaries of their presentations in this edition of Our Faith Our Works.

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