Praying for Life at St Mary’s Cathedral

During the political campaign, to rush one of the most extreme abortion laws ever seen in Australia through the State Parliament, Archbishop Fisher opened our Cathedral for prayer including a 65-hour vigil in front of the Blessed Sacrament. The Archbishop urged people to pray, fast and campaign against the proposed abortion bill which would allow abortion as late as full-term.

People of all ages continued to flow in and out of our Cathedral. Peak times were before work, after work and many gave up their lunch breaks to make time for prayer. Some even braved times throughout the early mornings between 11 pm and 7 am. With our Cathedral being so close to NSW Parliament House, it often served as a place of rest and restoration for those rallying for life especially in heavy rain.

Although the bill passed, it passed with a number of key amendments. But these amendments do not make women or their unborn babies any safer, protect the conscience rights of medical professionals, provide distressed women with any support or alternatives to abortion.

Despite this, our Cathedral will continue to be a place of prayerful support. During the annual Mass for pregnant mothers, Bishop Randazzo extended his blessings to all expecting parents and the new life they hold.

“May mothers and fathers know the importance of their vocation and the difference they make in our world,” he said.


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