Priests’ Retirement Foundation News | November 2018


Many of us are blessed to have had a dedicated Parish priest serve our family and community. Some of our most significant moments have taken place thanks to them – the marriage of loved ones, the sacrament of Baptism for our children and grandchildren, timely counsel during times of hardship, and their ceaseless prayers.

This is the reason the Priests’ Retirement Foundation exists. So that out of gratitude, when the time comes, due to old age or ill health, our priests can rely on their parishioners to look after them, as they have us.

When a priest retires, they take on what’s referred to as “Lesser Duties”. That’s right, they do not cease to carry out ministerial duties, rather they move to a home or community where they can live
comfortably but continue their work to serve those around them. Their pastoral care continues, and for that how can we be more grateful?

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