Seven New Gifts for All of Us

Our Cathedral was overflowing with over 2000 people present as Archbishop Fisher ordained seven men to the priesthood. Four from the Seminary of the Good Shepherd in Homebush, two from the Archdiocesan Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Chester Hill and the seventh member of the Dominican Order, of which Archbishop Fisher is also a member. This was one of the largest ordinations seen in years.

“My sons, brothers and soon fathers, Miguel, Will, John, Br William, Ronnie, Joe and Moises: what an extraordinary privilege it is to be a voice for the Gospel! To express the eternal Word dwelling with the Father in the words of men.” said Archbishop Fisher.

Concluding the Mass he confessed that for days he had been like a child counting down the sleeps to Christmas; with the seven new priests he felt as if he had received seven “grand Christmas presents” at once.

“But that’s the child in me.” He continued. “The father in me knows that these presents are for you. They are for the people of God in Sydney and beyond and that is a great gift to all of us.”

As the newly-ordained priests processed out with fellow clergy before giving their first blessings, wild cheers broke out echoing throughout the Cathedral.

It’s wonderful to see the Cathedral as a place for celebration and the place where our Faith is passed on to the next generation of Priests.

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