Twelve Hundred Prayers


Last year we received an abundant outpouring of prayer requests, which were directed to our retired priests. Among these prayer request were nearly 1,200 prayer requests for the souls of deceased loved ones, as well as countless other requests for friends, family, vocations, healing, the Church and community at large, and all those with no one to pray for them.

Our retired priests are praying for you, and for all your families and friends.

A Mass was organised with Fr Terence Bell at the Bede Polding Centre Chapel, on the 25th February 2022. This was offered specifically for all your intentions, both written and unwritten. The Mass was a beautiful occurrence, and Fr Terence added the Collect prayer for peace, in our homes and especially abroad.

We are so grateful to all our priests, serving both active and ‘lesser’ (retired) duties, and also for you, our donors and friends, for helping to give our retired shepherds the level of care and support that they deserve.

Please consider continuing the good work of the Priests’ Retirement Foundation, which supports our elderly priests with everything they need for their transition from active ministry.


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