Scholarship at the Cathedral: Mission Impossible – Education & Formation in a Pluralistic Society

Many educational institutions in Western societies owe a large part of their history to the Church’s endeavour to provide opportunities for human flourishing and formation in the pursuit of truth. Yet today, Catholic educational institutions are faced with the challenge of undertaking their mission within a pluralistic society whilst still genuinely reflecting Catholic faith and values. To what extent should the content of curriculum be influenced by the Catholic Intellectual Tradition? Are educational practices always aimed at formation and if so, how is this achieved? Alongside curriculum challenges, questions around policy development can arise for decision makers and subsequently affect staff in terms of day to day practical interactions. Furthermore, in the context of a pluralistic society, we might wonder whether an authentic Catholic mission is even possible…

In this lecture, Moral Philosopher Prof Sandra Lynch explores important questions and proposes some practical steps institutions can implement in regards to academic freedom, self-reflexivity of policy-makers and other staff within educational institutions, as well as staff induction and the role of chaplaincy.

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